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Chemical Free Beef
Many toxins are dangerous in very small quantities. It makes sense that we should avoid these toxins, whether they are being tested for or not. Buy your food from a trusted source, and preferably locally. Dr Mercola discusses some of the dangers of hidden toxins in ...
Ancestral Diet is the Key
This is one of the best articles I have seen on Fats and Proteins vs. Carbs. We need to be able to separate the main-stream marketing ploys from the facts when it comes to healthy eating. Dr. Sears takes a look at our anthropology to explain our current state of ...
Ranch Management
I often wonder if I`m doing all I can to improve my ranch management skills. Sometimes I fall into an arrogant spell, and think that I have it all figured out. This type of thinking limits progress and puts the brakes on advancement. Sure, many ideas can come from ...
Fats or Sugars?
Dr. Al Sears combines a great sense of humor with some sobering facts about FDA policy and real health. He gives you the facts, and doesn`t mince words. Just another reason not to rely on the government for your health information.
Why Grassfed Trumps Grain-fed
Chris Kresser explains the benefits of grassfed meats over their grain-fed counterparts. Most people are aware that grassfed meats are healthier, but few know why. Chris explains the difference and why you should care:
Food Frontiers
In the last post, I briefly mention treating food as medicine. The constant response I get is that good food is expensive. My response to that has been, "pay for it now (with good food) or pay for it later (in medical bills)." Not to make light of people`s ...
High-Fat Diet Fights Cancer
I`ve read a lot about Ketogenic diets and their benefits for fighting cancer. This article by Dr. Mercola reinforces this point. When we start treating food as medicine, I think we will start to see a reprieve in these tragic modern diseases.  
French Diet Healthy Because of ??
The secret to their health has finally been discovered, and it`s not what you may think. The article from The Wellness Blog sheds some light on what the French diet and Grassfed meat and dairy have in common.
Saturated Fats ARE Healthy For You
Saturated fats have long been vilified as causing a barrage of health problems. It`s funny, though, how the low-fat, low-cholesterol diets that have been pushed on us the past few decades have failed to make us any healthier. Again, it`s time to look at history for ...
Grassfed - Worth the Price
Organic and grassfed products often catch a lot of heat for their prices. I like to think of these holistic products as "custom made." The "custom" part generally means we are getting something better, something superior, not average. When I make the decision to ...
Bull Buyer`s Guide - Drovers
I`ve addressed the topic of bull buying in a March 2015 post. Recently, Drovers put out a similar article which goes into more detail about what to look for and how to find the right bull. I enjoyed the article, and was a little shocked to see this kind of advice come out of a ...
Unsustainable and Unprofitable Cow Herd Trends
An interesting article in Drovers magazine points to mounting data showing the American cow herd is becoming less productive and requires more inputs. Calf weaning weights have not changed in over 20 years while cows have become higher maintenance. Seedstock producers and ...
After-the-Holidays Detox
For me, the Christmas season usually includes splurging. I`m not talking financially, but about all the holiday candies, cookies, and desserts. It generally gives me a stomach ache, but I can`t help myself. Kelley Herring shares in her blog foods that help us detox from daily ...

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