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2013 Fremont County Fair
The kids just finished up with fair the first week of August. Although it was fun and exciting, it was also stressful. The kids had 5 steers there this year. The steers are from our herd of grass-based genetics, and we get them ready for fair without grain. The only thing they get is ground hay, salt, mineral, and apple cider vinegar. The steers did well on this ration, ranging from about 1050-1240 lbs. Although they didn`t place well in the beef show, in the carcass contest they placed in the middle with an average IMF score of about 6% and backfat of about 0.3 inches. I saw a couple of the steers hanging in the cooler after fair and thought they looked good, if not a little fat. There will be little to no waste on those steers. The kids did a good job and had fun.
Averee showing `Big Red` in PeeWee showmanship

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