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Gabe Brown and Soil Health
We were able to attend one of Gabe Brown`s seminars on soil health recently. Although we have read through much of his work, meeting him in person and getting to ask him questions directly was a great learning experience. It helped that our dad was able to go with us, and get his questions answered first-hand. A day with Gabe probably saved us a month of explaining! No matter where you are in your farming and livestock projects, from novice to expert, seminars like this help re-engerize and re-focus your efforts. Sometimes the naysayers start getting to a person. Talking with Gabe provided great positive reinforcement for what we are doing, and helped us lay out plans for future projects. Especially in our area, knowing what species will work for no-till cover cropping and cash crops probably saved us 5-10 years of experimenting.
Bob, Bobby, Gabe, and Brendan

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