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Bull Buyer`s Guide - Drovers
I`ve addressed the topic of bull buying in a March 2015 post. Recently, Drovers put out a similar article which goes into more detail about what to look for and how to find the right bull. I enjoyed the article, and was a little shocked to see this kind of advice come out of a major beef publication. Usually these publications tow the line for the major bull stud corporations, feedlots and packing plants. It was a welcome change from the "norm" of BS that we are constantly fed, and gave me hope that a few more people are starting to see that change is necessary. It all comes down to selecting a bull from a reputable producer who raises cattle to be sustainable and profitable. The article explains some of the problems with EPD Indices, discusses the value of heterosis, and talks about size, type, and quality. My favorite part is the discussion on "fancy, sexy bulls" near the end of the article. All joking aside, buying a bull that adds value will help move your herd in the right direction. Drovers Article

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